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My passion is to reconnect you with your loved ones in the Spirit World, bringing guidance, support and messages of hope and love.

My aim is to empower, inspire, guide, and teach you to develop your understanding of all things spiritual. 

Healing is central to everything I do and love is at the heart of all healing.

Alison Grey: The Mindful Medium
Psychic Medium                Healer                Past Life Regressionist
Meditation Teacher               Spiritual Teacher and Coach

I am a natural medium, being sensitive to the Spirit World since I was a child, but it wasn’t until the passing of my Grandpa at the age of 10, that it all kicked in. It took me until my early thirties and the birth of my second son to develop professionally under several mentors.


I have been reading professionally for past 10 years and believe that my readings are honest, empathetic and healing. With my guides and your loved ones in the Spirit World, I am guided to help you understand what is happening around you at present, how to move forward in your life and bring you guidance, direction, understanding, healing and messages of love and reassurance from your loved ones, for your highest and greatest good.

I am a mother of 4 boys, a primary school/special needs teacher with 20yrs experience and love nature, cooking, crystals and essential oils. I have qualifications in meditation, CBT, Mental Health, crystal healing and Past Life Regression.

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I have experienced both a personal reading and a 1-2-1 Past Life Regression session with Alison. The reading was very accurate and the message was just what I needed at the time.

I have to say, the Past Life Regression was astounding and so vivid. The difference with Alison and another PLR is that in any past life you visit where you are troubled, Alison does the healing at just the right point.

3 years on and I can still remember every detail of that session - amazing!



I have visited many mediums over the last forty two years but Alison Grey is the best medium I have ever met. Each time I visit her either for a reading or a healing, I feel uplifted and truly centred because of the natural and sensitive way she brings through clear and helpful messages from my guides, angels and loved ones in spirit.


This deepens my understanding of the past and present as well as being useful in terms of realising opportunities for the future. The healing I have received from her has worked on such a deep level that I’ve been able to unblock negative energy so I can move forward with my life.

Also Alison is an outstanding teacher so I highly recommend her courses such as her crystal course because they are fun and informative.



My first visit with Alison was face-to-face, pre-pandemic, and I was so impressed that I didn’t hesitate to organise a zoom call for a reading during lockdown.


Both readings were equally good. Alison received messages from spirit world from my family. She addressed the issues in my life and gave me answers to many problems, including choices that need to be made for the future.


Alison makes you feel like a friend, she is warm and caring. She gave me plenty of time to ask questions and her sincerity and kindness felt like a reassuring hug. I highly recommend a reading with Alison, for truthful insight and connection to loved ones in spirit world.



What can I say about this lady except that she has helped transform my life!! 

Over the past three years she has helped me develop my relationship with the Spirit World so that I am now confident to call myself a Psychic Medium.

I could not have done this without the help and guidance of Alison.


Alison is by far one of the best mediums I have encountered in my life. She has the amazing gift of bringing Spirit through and she delivers the message in such a positive and uplifting way. The evidence she gives always confirms who has popped in to see me.

I have also had other fantastic adventures with Alison. She has attuned me as a Healer and I have also had PLR under her guidance.  I could go on forever listing her many talents. But most of all I would say that Alison is a beautiful soul, who gives 100% in everything she does.



"The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts"

Marcus Aurelius

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