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Welcome to March

How lovely is it to finally see brighter mornings? Even the air outside feels lighter and clearer. I have spent the weekend in my garden, making sure its ready and with the grass newly cut, I am ready for Spring to welcome it's magic.

I love walking around seeing the daffodils and snowdrops emerging from their Winter’s rest in people’s front gardens and the woodlands near me. I always associate their blooms with hope and positivity, Spring is here! Their message for us all comes with recognising how they have weathered the harshest of environments and they are true testament that new beginning are on their way. We too hopefully can feel this serge of renewed energy and cling to the possibility that change is in the air.

Daffodils were my Nan’s favourite flower, simply remembering her laugher, her naughtiness and warmth is enough for me to feel encouraged by the coming of Spring.

Mental Health

Despite the positivity of Spring, some subjects really do need highlighting and mental health is one of them. It is not discriminated by age or gender, but unfortunately, common to many, many people as I have been hearing recently. Mental health forms the major work I do with children through my Calmer Kids programme and is an area of sensitivity and high importance. Being aware makes all the difference. We have also prioritised it in the Collective Healing weekly sessions, two weeks in a row.

Although Spring is on its way, there is still a heaviness in people’s hearts. Whether it is SAD (Seasonal Affected Disorder), related to specific circumstances, or a part of a person’s make-up, many people are feeling the strain emotionally and physically.

We read about mindfulness and how to keep our moods happy and positive, but mental health is a serious and often challenging condition for the individual and their family/friends.

I often talk about the ‘energies’ which we tap into, however, lower energies, emotions such as anger, anxiety, grief, sadness, feeling lost or numbness are more common than you may realise. We often put a brave face on, yet the reality of these emotions run deeper and can’t simply be ‘switched off’ or ‘snapped out of.’

Experiencing negative thoughts is like an emotional rollercoaster, unfortunately, prolonged exposure to these feelings interferes with our daily lives, our sleep patterns, eating habits, personal interests and can make us withdraw from communication on all levels.

By understanding the root cause, identifying triggers and working through issues, learning to communicate again can make a real difference. Our brain, although amazing, is highly complicated and can be the perfect start in addressing our difficulties. Automatic thoughts, usually negative ones, can be controlled with practise and determination. In CBT, we focus on the relationship between the following:

  • Cognitions – what we think

  • Affect – how we feel

  • Behaviour – what we do

Teaching this to children within my Calmer Kids sessions, with practical strategies and exercises, has really made a difference, not only to the children but their families, friendships and how they behave at school.

Daily Tips for releasing stress and anxiety, bringing calm

· Meditation

· Exercise

· Breathing techniques

· Identify and communicate your worries – write them down if easier

· Use positive affirmations

· Use our senses/touch - Oxytocin is produced in the hypothalamus and secreted by the pituitary gland. It has an anti-anxiety effect which reduces stress responses.

· Mindfulness

· Grounding

· Communication/have a chat

· Crystal healing

· Use colour to shift your emotions

Breathing Technique

Make sure you are sitting comfortably with your feet flat on the floor and your arms by your side. Close your eyes and take a big breath in through your nose, filling your lungs. Slowly breathe out of your mouth. Breathe in … and out. As you breathe in, know that your are breathing all the goodness from around you and as you breathe out, breathe out any worries or troubles. Feel yourself becoming calm and relaxed as you breathe in and out. Let any thoughts float away, they are not important right now. Just keep breathing in and out, calm and relaxed.

As you breathe in deeply feel all the lovely, calm air circle around your feet. Notice how they feel? Are they hot, warm cold? Let go and relax, feel them becoming floppy. Breathe and relax.

Breathe into you your legs, relax all your muscles and sense how they feel. Beautiful. Breathe and relax.

Think about your tummy, notice how soft it is. Breathe deeply into your tummy and feel the air flowing around. Relax, breathe out through the nose.

Focus on your hands. Open your hands, palms facing upwards and let the feeling of any tension go. Breathe and relax your hands.

Take your attention to your shoulders. Raise them up towards your ears and let them flop. Breathe and relax.

Feel all the tension in your body melting away. Floating away. Your body feels heavy as it lies on the floor. Breathe and relax.

Take a deep breath in through your nose …. and slowly breath out through your mouth.

Wiggle your fingers and toes and when you are ready, open your eyes.

Or try sitting in front of a lit candle and observe the flame for 10 minutes. -a truly relaxing experience!

Mother’s Day

One of my favourite days of the year because it reminds me not just how fortunate I am to be a mother to 4 wonderful boys, but because I too have the most supportive and loving mum who I’m blessed to call my best friend - along with my sister.

Family truly is the most wonderful gift of all.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mums and remembering the beautiful mothers in the Spirit World, they too are treasured and never forgotten.

Crystal of the Month

This month – Blue Lace Agate

Linking into the Blue Lace Agate’s soft and soothing colour will brings a sense of calm, tranquillity and peace, like observing a Spring-time sky or the welcoming calming blue waters of the sea. Holding this crystal helps you to release negative thoughts, replacing them instead with positivity and upliftment which will boost your emotions and attitude.

It is a stone of encouragement and support which will aid your communication, helping those who have difficulty expressing themselves or in need of boosting their confidence when articulating their truths. I associate this crystal with Archangel Michael too.

Blue Lace Agate inspires loyalty and trustworthiness, linked to the throat chakra and will also help provide clarity of thought.

Other Crystals to support well-being

· Rhyolite – crystal of solutions, change and progress. Magical for healing and balancing emotions, helping self-esteem and lifting depression

· Moonstone – clarity, balance emotions

· Rose quartz – love, self love

· Sunstone – happiness, boost mood

· Lepidolite – anxiety, calming

· Tiger’s Eye – strength, protection

· Charolite – reduces stress, overcoming fears, clearing energy blocks

· Amethyst – all round healer, calming, anxiety

· Black Obsidian – removes negativity, grounding

· Cirtrine – positivity, happiness

· Carnelian – boosts energy

Guide Wisdom

Archangels Raphael and Michael

Raphael is the archangel of healing. He connects with the 3rd eye, yet if you focus on this area, it includes our mind and thoughts. Therefore Archangel Raphael, the archangel of healing, can be called upon to bring healing to our feelings, our emotional, physical and mental health, along with healing for the heart.

When we unpick mental health issues, we will be surprised at how vast and complex they can be. How we feel, who we believe we are and our self-esteem, which weaves into our thoughts and behaviours, are deep and complicated.

So to release negative thoughts, remove lower emotions such as anger, anxiety or fear and guide us to enhance our wellbeing, our connection to ourselves and tune into the power of positivity, we can call upon Archangel Raphael to guide us when feeling alone or lost, unmotivated or exhausted from daily life.

We will also call upon Archangel Michael to bring us protection, clarity of mind and strength to aid the healing process within. He is also a very special and powerful Archangel.

Channelled messages from Archangel Raphael

Healing is a gift to human race to help you maintain balance and equilibrium.

You radiate pure energy and have 7 subtle energy bodies, which are your life force, all of which can be healed.

Healing is subject to receiving, please be open to receive healing which is sent with love.

Every person deserves to have healing sent to them, don’t feel like you are not worthy or ill enough because healing energy is infinite, abundant and can’t be wasted as it is purely energy which flows and can be directed and transmuted.

Self care is important, it helps you to maintain a level of health, don’t allow yourself to empty your reserves as dis-harmony and dis-ease will undoubtably creep in.

Keep your body strong, your mind and emotions positive and be connected in your beliefs.

What I am offering

1:1 Readings – Guidance, reassurance, love and healing - this is ow I would describe my readings. During the reading I will connect you with your loved ones in the Spirit World, bringing through evidential evidence and sharing messages of love, hope, understanding and guidance.

Rahanni Celestial Healing - Rahanni' helps balance the masculine and feminine aspects of everyone. It works on a higher level, than other healing modalities and due to the presence of the angels and the ascended Master - Kwan Yin, the healing is much deeper. Rahanni Celestial Healing helps to bring inner peace to the mind, body and soul. It is a soft, loving healing energy yet is powerful.

Perfect for children also who are feeling stressed, anxious, or have emotional and behavioural difficulties.

Healing & GuidanceA healing session of your choice (Reiki, Rahanni) with crystals as I link in with your guides, angels or loved ones to bring messages and spiritual guidance.

1:1 Spiritual & Soul Purpose Mentoring (including a personalise workbook) – Mentoring sessions to help you develop your spiritual awareness, hone and unlock your spiritual gifts and to connect you with your soul purpose so that you can work through any blockages or challenges which are preventing you from living the life you wish to lead. These bespoke sessions are channelled by me so that I can guide you forward. Each session will include a meditation, teaching, discussions, and exercises. I also set homework for you to practise the skills or to deepen your understanding.

New Soul Healing & Alignmenthealing, guidance, meditation & spiritual counselling – perfect for adults who are interested in the Calmer Kids sessions.

Calmer Kids - Through sensory work, CBT techniques, mindfulness and healing, I aim to help your child understand and manage their emotions and learn to be in control of their behaviour. I will help them to deal with their anxiety, anger, stress and other emotional needs.

Collective HealingThese beautiful sessions will continue every Thursday at 6pm (UK time) and are open for anyone who is interested in healing, wishes to receive healing or has a passion for sending healing to others, animals, situations or the planet. This is a free session and only lasts 20 minutes.

For prices or other services, please see my website

If you have anyone who you wish to add to my healing list, please do send me their name and I will include them in my daily practice.

Until next time, I wish you all love, healing and blessings.

I look forward to connecting with you.

Alison xx

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