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Spiritual Development circles are the most effective way to develop and enhance your psychic and mediumship skills. You will learn how to strengthen your psychic ability, deepen your connection to the Spirit World and expand your knowledge of all things spiritual.

We will cover protection, energy work, psychic ‘tools’ and spiritual exercises in a friendly, supportive and fun environment. How to connect to the Spirit world and close down, how to identify and place Spirit within a group audience, learn how to communicate with Spirit and pass on a message, how to connect with Spirit during 1:1 readings and help you to know if you are working with Spirit or psychically.


Each week we will look at a variety of exercises which will help you to link with the Spirit world and push you to become a communicator for Spirit.

Working together in a group will quicken the spiritual growth of each member in ways that would be hard for you to do on your own, and your collective psychic energy will push you all forward.


*All levels of psychic and mediumship abilities welcome.


*Zoom sessions only currently offered 

An exciting new session available for professional mediums and healers.

This 90 minute session is a safe environment for you to explore your own practice. Maybe you are having some teething problems, feeling stuck, blocked or experiencing a lack of confidence within your mediumship or healing. Perhaps you are attracting the same type of spirit connections and wish to expand an area or broaden your skill set or possibly you have undergone a series of highly emotional readings/healings which has left you questioning your faith and would like to discuss how you move forward.


Maybe you need some support yourself or advice on how to deal with the burden of your work e.g. grief, responsibility

Then this spiritual coaching session is perfect for you.

I will guide and support you, drawing upon my personal experiences together with my spiritual teaching background, Level 4 ‘Cognitive Behavioural Therapy’ techniques and my certificate in ‘Awareness of Mental Health’.


I will help you to:

  • Remove self-imposed barriers to your mediumship and healing

  • Clear energetic blockages – both present and past

  • Deepen your understanding of all spiritual aspects

  • Strengthen your connection to the spiritual world

  • Unpick ‘patterns’ in your practice which are no longer serving you or your clients

  • Focus and move forward in a positive way

*Please note that in some cases this may take longer than 90 minutes. If necessary, several sessions may prove beneficial.

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