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Alison is a mother of four boys and a teacher with over 20 years of experience.


She has worked across the primary school age range, including in a speech and language base where the children were diagnosed with speech, language and communication difficulties. Many of the children she has worked with, through her teaching career, have been diagnosed with ADHD or ASD, encountered stress and anxiety, suffered from abuse and neglect or have had complex emotional problems.


Alongside teaching, she has engaged with children on an emotional level, helping them to build their self-esteem, gain trust in others and deal with anger and anxiety, and overcome many other emotional difficulties.


Alison is a Reiki Master, Rahanni teacher and is qualified in crystal healing. Her 'Calmer Kids' programme helps children discover inner calm, peace and relaxation. She works to help children boost their self-esteem and confidence, increase their concentration and encourages them to become more positive towards themselves and others.


The Mindful Medium

Everyone has a unique journey, a life purpose, and an inner light which guides them. You simply need to listen.

The Mindful Medium is an inspiring, practical guide for awakening. Inside these pages, Alison Grey applies her knowledge and understanding of the spirit world to help you understand yourself better, to change to a more positive mind-set, and to develop your own healing and intuitive gifts with easy, practical step-by-step exercises and visualisations.

Detailing the initial signs she received from guides, angels, and her loved ones, Alison acknowledges how these first steps of her own journey led her to where she is today - a successful psychic medium, healer, spiritual teacher and counselor. Her teaching weaves a fascinating and accessible alternative way of thinking, encouraging mediums to deepen their own intuitive and psychic skills while helping them to find answers to life’s important questions.

Alison Grey The Mindful Medium Psychic readings and healing

Calm and Relaxed with Monkey and Me

My passion is to help children discover their inner calm, to look within and find peace. Meditation and relaxation can boost self-esteem, aid concentration, help children to become more positive and lead more fulfilled lives. Join Monkey as he takes you on a journey through your imagination, meeting various friends along the way who will guide and help you find a place of calm and relaxation, opening your heart and discovering a world full of hope.

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