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Professional mediums and healers – all levels welcome

I am dedicated to providing transformative spiritual teaching and guidance to support your personal growth, self-discovery, and connection to the sacred. My mission is to empower individuals on their spiritual journey, helping them awaken their inner wisdom and live a more conscious and fulfilling life.


Through linking into your energy, I will help you to understand your soul path, planning individual sessions to support your spiritual development and guiding you forward on your journey to become who you are incarnated to be in this lifetime.

Maybe you are having some teething problems, feeling stuck, blocked or experiencing a lack of confidence within your mediumship or healing.


Perhaps you are attracting the same type of spirit connections and wish to expand an area or broaden your skill set or possibly you have undergone a series of highly emotional readings/healings which has left you questioning your faith and would like to discuss how you move forward.


Together we will:

Connect with and understand your Higher Self

Deepen your connection with spirit through learning to use your psychic and mediumistic gifts to bring through evidential evidence and personal messages from the Spirit World.

Learn to keep your vibration high and your chakras aligned

Increase your confidence to step onto your soul path

Deepen your meditation practice

Investigate Spiritual Philosophy

Develop a stronger connection with Guides, the Angelic Realm and Ascended Masters.

Be taken through unique exercises to deepen your spiritual practice

Clear any blockages holding you back from achieving your dreams

Remove self-imposed barriers to your mediumship and healing

£60 per session (flexible)

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