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Does the environment around you drain your child’s energy?


Have you noticed that your child often feels unsafe in larger groups, returns home from school feeling tired, is teary or angry without knowing why or their sleep pattern has changed?


Are they lonely, sad or have low self-confidence?

My Clearing and Protecting Energy work supports sensitive children and is also a place where parents and caregivers can find valuable insights, strategies, and tools to help these unique children navigate the world with confidence, resilience, and a deep connection to their innate gifts.

Sensitive children, often referred to as highly sensitive, empathic, or intuitive children, have heightened sensory and emotional awareness. Being highly sensitive, they will pick up on the environment around them like a sponge, absorbing other people’s energy. Sensitive children often find themselves caught up in situations which do not suit them emotionally. 

I offer a holistic perspective, recognising and honouring their unique qualities in a safe, nurturing and empowering environment that supports their emotional well-being and encourages self-expression.

Learning to cleanse, clear and protect themselves from this energy will help them to flourish in everyday situations without feeling wrung out, tired, emotional or angry. 

In this session I will:

Cleanse their aura 

Realign their chakras (energy centres)

Teach quick and easy techniques to protect their energy

Help them understand about energy and how to cleanse/clear it themselves

Educate them on the basic crystals which will support their energy and bring healing

Benefits of these sessions include:


Teaching the importance of self-care


Encouraging a positive mind set




Boosting energy levels


Reducing stress and anxiety


Boosting self-esteem and confidence


Improved sleep


Increased concentration and interaction with others

£35 (includes a bag of crystals and an essential oil spray) for a 75 minute session

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