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Crystal healing utilities the amazing energy and properties of crystals and gemstones to promote well-being and balance. Crystals have grown within the earth hold powerful, universal energies which have been stored for millions.


Each crystal has a unique energetic vibration and can interact with the energy systems of the human body.

Crystals have the ability to absorb, store, transmit, and amplify energy. Each crystal is associated with specific properties, such as colour, composition, and structure, which correspond to different aspects of the human experience, including physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

When our energy systems breakdown, e.g, under stress, crystal energy can help to rebalance us and have a positive effect on our metal, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of ourselves.

Benefits of crystal healing:

Deeply relaxing, bring a sense of calm

Balances your chakras (energy centres)

Reduces stress & anxiety

Clears energy blockages

Allows the body kick start its own natural healing process​

During our crystal healing session, I will place crystals on or around the your body, creating an energetic grid or layout. The aim is to facilitate the flow of energy, remove blockages, and restore balance within the body's energy system.

£45 for 1 hour

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