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Collective Healing

For many years I have run a development circle for people who are starting out on their spiritual journey, people who have beautiful gifts and want to continue to learn and grow and people who want to sit regularly with like-minded people. I have experienced individuals who come for a little while, some who come in fits and starts and others who are weekly residents. Since March we have moved onto Zoom to keep the group going. I can honestly say that the beautiful people who make up my circle have the purest hearts. They are supportive, kind, empathetic and fun, but what I have discovered, apart from their individual spiritual gifts, they are all wonderful healers.

Since Covid, we have been sending out distant healing for family members, friends, colleagues and the planet with the most incredible results. The feedback has been awesome and these selfless people have never tired of sending healing, sometimes late at night as the requests come in. In fact the person may receive up to 10 bursts of healing in a short period of time. I for one am truly grateful for their gift of healing.

As a healer, I am used to working alone with my healing guides, angelic helpers, crystals and sound tools, although now I can see the amazing benefits of ‘Collective Healing’ with the healing energy soaring and building in strength and power. The Lemurian’s and Atlantean’s used to believe in the power of collective healing, going to healing temples and accessing healing pools and crystal beds. Now we can’t offer these but sending distant healing together works (for the Highest Good), it really does.

Collectively we use various healing modalities from Reiki, Rahanni, crystal and spiritual to name a few. But as long as the healing being sent is from a pure heart, with good intention and for the highest good, it will help.

To support my distant healing, I link in with he person and see what healing would benefit them the most and then I call upon my team of healing helpers to assist and carry the healing energy to the person. I visualise small bubbles of healing falling over them and releasing the healing as they burst or one large one filled with a colour that automatically forms in my mind. I intuitively know this is the perfect colour for them. I sometimes see healing sparkles radiating them and I always see them in full health. Occasionally I scan their bodies and auric field to gleam a better understanding of the problem and sometimes I ask the angels to stay with them.

I have set up a simple crystal healing grid with a lemurian crystal adding extra healing and beside this I have an essential oil diffuser and a plant. I write the names of the people needing healing and place this underneath but sometimes I just say the names aloud.

Remember that if you are sending healing, it is the intention that is important so make it clear and strong.

Like me, call upon your healer friends to strengthen the wonderful healing. Alternately, ask them to come together at a certain time to send the healing, but I know that’s not always possible. The best advice is to find your own way. Healing really works.

(All healing must be in addition to seeing a doctor!)

Top Tips

  • Sit quietly and calm your energy (you will be more receptive)

  • Place protection around yourself

  • Ground yourself

  • Smudge or use sound to cleanse your energy

  • Use healing energy channeled through you, do not use your own energy

  • Use crystals to support the energy

  • Call in your Spiritual Team (guides, angels etc)

  • Be positive

  • Set your intention

  • See the person in full health (this works as attracting positivity)

  • State the healing for their highest good

  • Place a healing bubble around them (fill it with a colour)

  • Spend as long or short a time as you feel drawn (doesn’t need to be ages)

  • Say thank you afterwards

Let me know how it works, I’d love to hear your stories.


Alison xxx

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