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Guardian Angels and Children

Angels are messengers of God. They are healers, communicators and protectors. They are pure beings of light and are unconditional love. Always walking in the light, angels help us behind the scenes when we need them most. In times of trouble, grief, pain or loss of direction, your angels will be close by guiding you through. Many people believe in angels but never really connect with them as they feel they either don’t know how to or they feel they are not worthy of their loving support. However, regardless of your reason, angels are here to help, it is their mission but they need to be asked, they need your permission to step in and help as they are bound by the Universal Law of Free Will. Only in specific circumstances can they override this law and ‘save’ us.

Angels communicate with us subtly, they will gently nudge us, send us signs through feathers or numbers or will make sure the things we need to know, read or do are placed right under our noses. Have you ever heard a certain song or lyric which resonates with you at a particular moment in time? Or has a particular book fallen off the shelf in front of you or been recommended several times before it has been reviewed in a magazine or placed right in front of you in a public place? Well this is the silent work of the magnificent angels.

Apart from the majestic Archangels, we all have a Guardian Angel, sometimes more. A special and unique angel assigned to us at birth, or as I believe, from our first creation. They are constantly with us and regardless of what people may think, they don’t judge, but instead, constantly supporting us. This is because they know our true heart, our essence and our blueprint. They know why we are here, our mission and our karma and thinner mission from God is to help us navigate the obstacles. This doesn’t mean skipping past the hurt, somethings we are meant to experience, but they will steer us in the right direction holding our hands.

Guardian Angels and Children

Children are usually more open to the energies of angels. Being pure souls, they have less doubt or judgement so will trust the feelings and images they are given from the angelic realm. Maybe you have noticed how babies eyes dart around the room, following what seems like thin air, or maybe you have overheard your toddler having a conversation with an invisible friend. All these are signs that your child is communicating with their guardian angel.

It is wonderful to see children connect with their guardian angels, to play and laugh with them, allowing them to become their friends. Their special bond of love helps them to feel safe and secure bringing comfort and support to their daily existence. As children get older and learn to speak, they may confine in you that a special lady or gentleman in white comes to see them. They may or may not see the wings but regardless, their encounters are usually filled with love.

So if your child mentions angelic encounters, believe them. Encourage them to speak freely about them, listen to their stories, ask them questions and urge them to draw them. This will show your little ones you believe them, and you should. Guardian angels are real, as real as we are, but not all of us are blessed to see them, or at least not a clearly as children.

How we be sure our Guardian Angels are close?

  • Changes in our energy – temperature, goosebumps, shivers, feeling of total calmness or unconditional love flooding through our whole being

  • Visions – minds eye or in perfect sight

  • Emotional – tears, love

  • Soft touch

  • Scents

  • Repetitive Numbers

  • Knowing – just get a sense that they are with you

  • Ideas may pop into your mind without thought - flashes of inspiration

  • Hear your name being called

  • Sparkles or flickers of colour or bright white light flashes

  • Dreams

  • Synchronicities

  • Ringing in the ears, a high pitched noise or a coldness

  • Pennies or white feathers

Guardian Angel Prayer

‘I call upon my Guardian Angel in your loving light, to wrap your comforting wings around me, keeping me safe and happy.

I thank you for watching over me throughout the day and night, guiding me and encouraging me to be the best I can.

I thank you for listening to my dreams and wishes, whispering loving messages of support.

I thank you bringing to me all that I need for my highest and greater good.


Guided Meditation to connect with your Guardian Angel

Whenever you receive a sign from the angelic realm, always make sure that you give thanks for them as this encourages your angels to continue. Being grateful and appreciating their wisdom and love is polite and gracious.

I would love to hear your experiences xx

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