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Happy New Year!

With the busy month of December behind us, many of us are looking forward to what January and the New Year has in store for us. The end of my year was manic, but in a lovely way, filled with family and friends as we caught up together and celebrated. It was lovely to spend quality time talking, laughing and enjoying being together.

2022 is a 6 year (2+0+2+2 =6). In numerology, 6 represents balance, finding the balance within and looking how to balance home, work, your relationships, your thoughts and your health. With balance also comes harmony and peace – freedom from fear and worry. Therefore, it represents security and feeling secure.

Another aspect of the number 6 is family, especially children so there will be a focus on how our families connect. This all sounds very positive, which it is, however, it potentially can highlight the areas in our lives which aren’t going so smoothly. This can be helpful and prompt us to make the necessary changes to experience balance. Remember, situations are usually brought into the spotlight so that we can address them. Either by making changes or by helping us to understand what is happening, then bringing light and clarity to it. Ultimately, it will help us realise what is no longer serving us so we can let go and move forwards. Although this seems difficult or painful, it serves to nudge us back onto our path. Never be afraid to let life change you. Instead, allow it to lend you its wisdom, blessings and hardships and allow life to flow through you, be guided by it. Everything in life comes in cycles and last year was challenging for most of us, so this year we will hopefully see the healing taking place.

Number 6 is also about success, achievement and celebration!

This year, I am being shown that we are no longer wanting to conform and are becoming braver at standing firm and feeling comfortable in our own truth, following our beliefs and stretching out the hand of compassion to ourselves and others. In a world where we are often lied to or forced to conform, I am sensing many of us will break free of the binding cords and open their arms to freedom. I feel we are intuitively listening to our inner soul (Higher Self) and opening up spiritually, guided by our angles, loved ones and guides to steer our lives back on track and connecting with our inner peace.

Although we have already welcomed in the New Year, tonight we can bathe in a Super New Moon and use this opportunity to make our New Moon wishes. I have seen and listened to several conflicting views about making resolutions or intentions with some saying if we love who we are, why state we want to change for the better. I’m not suggesting you do anything, other than what you believe in. For me, I don’t make resolutions, but I do set intentions and make wishes. Not to be better, slimmer or richer, but to be the best I can be, to learn and experience new, positive things and to help as many people as I can in any way I can, being led by Spirit. I have learnt to understand myself and not beat myself up for my mistakes. I see mistakes as learning opportunities and know that intelligence comes from putting that knowledge into action and gaining insight and experience from it. And when out of balance, I turn to healing, crystals, meditation and grounding to centre and realign myself. Balance is my key word but I am aware of my shadow side. I am learning to explore and be grateful for these qualities, not seeing them as ‘bad’ but choosing to understand them, follow their pattern and embrace them so I can live in harmony and peace.

Recently I have had several people asking me if I could work in a specific way to support their needs. I love the power of change and embrace as I am always open to new challenges. I have enjoyed the journey it has taken me on too and feel it has helped me deepen my spiritual connection with guides, angels and ascended masters, so I am truly grateful for these lovely people for pushing me through my comfort zone. I am now ready to offer some of these new ways of working and healing for others (see What I am Offering below).

Other plans for 2022 include – holding more workshops, continuing with my mentorship groups, 1:1 mentoring and looking into ways to extend my teaching. I also want to continue with all the things important to me like my individual readings, healing with guidance, my circles, meditation group and working on my writing. I am also starting a Channelling/Trance circle which I am excited about.

Questions to ask yourself

Are you ready to step into 2022 with open arms and a readiness to explore all the Universe will bring?

What are your wishes/intentions for 2022 and how can you bring your dreams to fruition.

What questions can you ask yourself to improve your emotional, behavioural, mental and spiritual bodies?

Link into the energies of 2022 – how do they inspire you?

Things To Do This Month

· Make a list of all the blessings in your life

· Write down ALL your achievements from last year

· What did last year teach you – what have you learnt about yourself?

· Set intentions or wishes for the coming year (you can still use the super New Moon energies to increase the power of them

· Write the steps you need to take, for your intentions to be drawn to you

· State positive affirmations to increase the magic “I am …” or “I have …”

· A week or so later around the first quarter moon – make any adjustments to your wishes if necessary (if they are for the whole year, you can do this in June)

· State aloud what you are grateful for

· Meditate on your wishes – visualise them happening – noting how you feel and checking your

· Send healing thoughts to those you love

· Write a list of ALL your positive qualities – don’t be humble

· Make a list of the things you would like to improve upon in terms of your behaviours, thoughts, emotions etc (we all have them!)

· Divination – whatever your favourite tool is, cast a yearly overview

to bring clarity and understanding

· Surround yourself, as always, with positivity

· Energetically cleanse your aura/energy – as regularly as necessary

· Open yourself up to a feeling of compassion

Crystal of the Month

This month I am drawn to the crystal Super 7

Super Seven, also known as Melody Stone or Sacred Stone, is an extremely rare crystal which encompasses seven crystals in one. The crystals amethyst, Cacoxenit, goethite, Lepidocrocite, rutile, smoky quartz and quartz.

Super Seven is a high frequency crystal which helps us to access the spirit realm whilst unlocking the knowledge and ancient wisdom within to support you in understanding the meaning and purpose of your soul. In addition, this crystal helps provide answers to questions and with its unique blend of minerals, can help bring this knowledge to the forefront of your mind so we can use it in your everyday lives.

Working with Super Seven will help you to expand your consciousness whilst bringing mental clarity. Clearing your mind is necessary when channelling the higher knowledge and grounding it so it can help and support others.

Guiding Wisdom

8 Wands - movement, chasing your dreams and travelling – not just abroad or on holiday but all forms of movement, this could be learning too. The Sagittarian energy held within this card indicates a sense of itchy feet, wanting to learn and grow, to feed the soul.

The High Priestess – Intuition, listening to your inner wisdom. By drawing upon your intuition you can be guided to follow what is best for you. Our answers are buried deep within us like a seed holding the potential of becoming a flower, growing towards the light to blossom. This card shows us that by taking stock and tapping into the cycles of life, we can hear or feel the answers we need.

6 CoinsBalance. Balancing our emotions, bringing healing and remembering to give and take. This month, try not to be stubborn but see both sides of a situation. Finances, relationships and emotions – all require balancing and attention.

Strength – Learning to stand tall, being proud of your achievements and know you can tap into your inner strength to get you through the difficult days. We can all feel vulnerable at times, this is ok, remember to ask for support from those close to you.

2 Wands January might highlight some decisions which have been surfacing but pushed aside. Use the energy of this new year to make them, seeing your choices with clarity. Try to weigh up both sides of your decision, using your intuition to guide you. You hold the key to unlock your wisdom to make the right choice for you, so be guided, be strong and have faith.

What I am offering

1:1 Readings – Guidance, reassurance, love and healing - this is ow I would describe my readings. During the reading I will connect you with your loved ones in the Spirit World, bringing through evidential evidence and sharing messages of love, hope, understanding and guidance.

Healing & GuidanceA healing session of your choice (Reiki, Rahanni) with crystals as I link in with your guides, angels or loved ones to bring messages and spiritual guidance.

New 1:1 Spiritual & Soul Purpose Mentoring (including a personalise workbook) – Mentoring sessions to help you develop your spiritual awareness, hone and unlock your spiritual gifts and to connect you with your soul purpose so that you can work through any blockages or challenges which are preventing you from living the life you wish to led. These bespoke sessions are channelled by me so that I can guide you forward. Each session will include a meditation, teaching, discussions and exercises. I also set homework for you to practise the skills or to deepen your understanding.

Monthly Demonstration of Mediumship – Starting this up again after a few months away. This will be available for only 8 people, so early booking is advised. I will connect with your loved ones in the Spirit World and bring through messages. We start with a lovely opening up visualisation and finish with some healing.

New Mentoring Group – Starting in January (only 3 more spaces left) - 12 information packed sessions to help you explore, develop, deepen and expand your spiritual connections, understanding and knowledge. You will not only learn about spirituality through many topics, but I will encourage you to step outside your comfort zone when working with Spirit by strengthening your ‘Clairs’ and supporting your unique gifts. This immersive course offers all my insights, experiences and knowledge from over 12 years working professionally as a medium. Laughter, support, friendship, trust and encouragement as all words to describe this amazing journey. It really is a course to give you the courage and tools to begin working as a profession medium yourself.

New Channelling/Trance CircleBased in Hertfordshire, limited places and commitment required. This will take place monthly on a Tuesday.

Collective HealingThes beautiful sessions will continue every Thursday at 6pm (UK time) and are open for anyone who is interested in healing, wishes to receive healing or has a passion for sending healing to others, animals, situations or the planet. This is a free session and only lasts 20 minutes.

For prices or other services, please see my website.

If you have anyone who you wish to add to my healing list, please do send me their name and I will include them in my daily practice.

Until next time, I wish you all love, healing and blessings.

I look forward to connecting with you.

Alison xx

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