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Reflection and Hope

Reflection and Hope

Have you noticed the shift in energy since the winter solstice on the 21st December? I have seen may scenarios whereby friends, family members and clients have experienced endings and have been projected into a transitional stage.

We have all got used to 2020 Covid-19’s message of change, adaptation and compassion but I feel that the Earth’s message still holds a little more. Humans can be fickle. We all felt the stress and strain of how our lives have altered and most of us are familiar now with flexibility and social distancing, however as the year comes to an close, we are not just letting go of the old and welcoming the new, we have a little further to go, we have to wait until Spring for this.

This year, 2020 added together to make the number 4 which is a number of home, boundaries, family, patience, being patriotic. I find this meaning astonishing seeing as how we were all advised to stay home with the family and most of us got to re-connect and began to value not only the NHS but everyone in service. We had to embrace patience and soon we we began to grow, adapt and re-establish ourselves in different ways. The number 4 also highlights arguments, again this has been true as many families found the constrictions hard and some relationships have suffered. I feel however that only issues which have been laid dormant would have come to the surface and those situations or relationships were always meant to be challenged and dealt with so that the new can be welcomed in. The shadows are hard but necessary to face for the evolvement of the new. Be assured that this will have been for your highest and greater good, no matter how difficult it was experiencing it.

The New Year will herald some positives, they will be slow and still shaky but we are moving forward with hope which is what we all need. Some of us have a fraction further to go, things are not always tied up in a ribbon and parcelled off. I feel this year in 2021, the energy will be of ‘listening’ and ‘intuition. This pause in time is making us think, not just what to release, but what we want to attract and this is equally important.

By slowing down we can observe, its our emotions that we are listening to. See it as a meditation, to start we need to centre ourselves with deep, slow breaths that we allow to flood our body. Then the process of observing the knots, pain or stresses in our body helping us to become present and connected. As our meditation deepens we tune into our Higher Self and our mind floods with helpful images from our sub-conscious which prove fruitful in gleaming understanding to our emotions. Lastly, as we give up the fight to make sense of the messages, we give way to inner peace and here we sit, blissful and content.

Our message in 2021 is to do just this, from the stillness ,explore what our Higher-Self is telling us. It could be about our health, our relationships, a situation or career. Just watch the signs and listen to the guidance, the silent whispers which flirt within our conscious mind. Then wait (no need to rush and be impulsive) as you spend time processing. It isn’t about getting rid of or running away from, but purposefully move towards what is right for you and shifting onto your soul path. If the whispers are too soft, then they will get louder. Our guides and angels have a wonderful art of placing thoughts and signs in front of us if we ask for them.

2021 energy is about changes, continuing to be adaptable, brave, welcoming freedom and finally in the near future, being social. As 2021 totals to 5, this is a number which can be perceived as difficult, so impatience restlessness and thoughtless may be what you might feel. In these situations, I advise to be calm, practise meditation and allow the Universe to work its magic. We can’t make a flower grow without sunshine, fertile soil and water. We can’t beg it to grow, this happens naturally in nature’s time. Please, have faith, the Universe has our backs (even when we have doubt). Remember, Divine timings!

Divination Cards - Kyle Gray Angels and Ancestors Oracle Cards (randomly chosen)

Winter - A time to look after yourself, to wrap that cosy blanket around you and your family and keep safe. It is a time to recognise all you have achieved and all you wish to release. A winter’s hibernation sees that you are prepared and have all you need and to count your blessings. You may feel isolated or on your own right now, but let go of your fears as you move forward into the New Year.

Summer - As the New Year opens up we will see much more light cast upon the world. It signifies a time for joy and renewed energy. Even though we (humans) have been locked away, Mother Earth has continued to flourish and provide, so take some time in gratitude for her gifts. We will see them shortly. There is exciting new energy coming in.

Great Teacher - I love how this card has shown up to remind us of our sacrifices, our trust and the peace that many have felt by the learning which was forced upon us. It is time to accept the teachings. Through the difficulties, many of us have had faith making us stronger today than we were yesterday. Take these experiences as ‘growth’ and observe how they have manifested change in your life. See your adaptability as a strength and notice how much our hearts have opened up. Love will never be taken in vein and it will only continue to grow in 2021.

Sage - The teachings of 2020 are to be continued this year. Keep your promises, be committed to your new path and look ahead with optimism. Trust your new talents as they have been given to you as gifts in challenging times.

Message from my guides/angels -

As I sit with my Spirit Team, in quiet meditation, I felt Archangel Gabriel drawing close. He shared with me a world of beauty and peace. I could see how beautiful our planet is to become and I was overwhelmed by the peace which washed over me in a silent gratitude. This may seem far off but I’m told it is closer than we realise. If we all play the part we were assigned, rise above difficulty, continuing to adapt and change the way we live our lives, look after others and respect nature, then we can welcome in the higher vibrational light. We will grow together with more harmony. This is no longer a planet for individuals, but humanity as one.

I am leaving 2020 behind and opening the door to 2021 with hope, love and optimism. Will see you there.

Blessings and healing,

Alison x

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