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Welcome September

Welcome to September

Stepping into Autumn is like coming home from a holiday.

I have had fun, excitement socialising with family and friends, but the warmth of home and the freshness of my energy after a break, is what brings me alive. September is not only my birthday month, but a month of action, organisation, planning and focus. Just like ‘Back to School’ (will never shake the primary school teacher from me), this month is all about routine, discipline and clarity and I do love my lists! I’m a true Virgo with Mercury’s influence of communication, so will be catching up with others who have been busy over the summer for a cuppa.

Questions to ask yourself as you step into September:

· What are you putting off which you need to sort out.

· How often are you allowing yourself time and space to work with Spirit?

· Do you need to make any adjustments to your Vision/Desires plan?

· Who do you need to reconnect with?

· Is there something new you have always wished to begin – now would be a great time with Mars and Neptune making an appearance (Mars – action, Neptune – desires)

· Are you grounded? Autumn is a beautiful month of changing colours, Virgo the ’Maiden’ is always depicted as an Earth Goddess (Demeter, mother of Persephone, and Greek goddess of the harvest).

Below are my September tips

My Tips

Get back into a daily Spiritual practice of meditation, sitting with your ‘Team’ and sitting in the power to raise your vibration

Set New Moon wishes for the 7th September

Write your Full Moon Forgiveness list for the 21st (Full Moon in Pisces)

Cleanse your energy/aura

Write some ‘To Do ‘Lists to help you prioritise your goals

Help someone in need, this could be spending time with them, helping them to get things done, lending a listening ear or sending some healing

Be grounded

If you are thinking of exploring or deepening your connection to Spirit, then maybe one of my circles, mentorship groups or 1:1 mentoring session are just what you are looking for.

(See my website for more details –

Crystal of the Month

This month I am drawn to the crystal of truth, understanding and organisation - aragonite

I actually don’t have an aragonite, but maybe I will source one. This beautiful orange crystal came to me when I linked into a crystal for September and it is simply perfect. Aragonite is an uplifting crystal for those who are feeling stressed or overwhelmed, perhaps due to the enormity of getting organised, returning to work, or multi-tasking. Holding it will encourage trust and insight to support you in seeing right into the root of the problem.

Aragonite is a ‘beginner’ crystal, gently pushing you forward with it’s powerful energy, promoting self-confidence, self-healing, balance and patience. In fact, it is the perfect September crystal to bring strength and support. A definite crystal to add to any collection.

Guide Wisdom

The tall and graceful Archangel Sandalphon connected with me to pass on his message this month to you all.

He is known as ‘the tall angel’ as he grounds into Earth and reaches to Source. He links with our Earth Star chakra beneath the soles of our feet. Apart from asking us to strengthen our spiritual practice, he brings our energy into alignment for perfect balance.

“Humans have been birthed from Mother Earth, created by Source and given unique spiritual gifts, overseen by the Council of Light. It is time to connect with your gifts to help humanity.

As the earth welcomes the harvest, you indeed must also celebrate how far you have come on your journey. Your scars are to be revealed and honoured as they are your triumphs, your victories, your medals of perseverance, strength and courage.

Share your stories to others, give them the gift of hope and encouragement to fight, knowing that their difficulties are learning experiences of spiritual growth.

Bask in the light as your feet ground you safely on Mother Earth. Your angels surround you always, allow to be seen for they know your path, they carry your wishes and they guide you to better times ahead. You have been birthed for this journey and you are not alone, you have been given angels and guides to accompany you. Your task is to spread light and love.

Listen to the music, dance to your own tune and celebrate all that you are and all that you have.

You are ready to step forward, it is time for action, we (the angels) are by your side.

Step into the light.

Ask me to help you open your Earth Star, then you will be able to tap into your true potential and others will be guided by your light.”

What I am offering this September

1:1 Readings – Guidance, reassurance, love and healing - this is how I would describe my readings. During the reading I will connect you with your loved ones in the Spirit World, bringing through evidential evidence and sharing messages of love, hope, understanding and guidance.

Past Life Regression - Finding out who you have been in a Past Life is not only interesting but can help you identify repetitive emotional and behavioural patterns, it could be the reason you are attracted to certain people (positive and negative) or could be the reason you are feeling blocked in your current situation.

Past Life Regression can be an amazing revelation, helping you to understand who you are and the lessons you have learnt along the way. It can bring wisdom and the realisation to set free any Karma you no longer need to hold on to.

Monthly Demonstration of Mediumship - this will be available for only 10 people, so early booking is advised. I will connect with your loved ones in the Spirit World and bring through messages. We start with a lovely opening up visualisation and finish with some healing.

Spiritual Guidance for working mediums - If you are a working medium and have hit some blocks or stumbles along the way and are possibly questioning your gifts, then maybe a session to ‘untangle’ and get re-aligned is what you need.

Meditation Group – Open to those who are in Chipping Norton or nearby. We meet every Wednesday at 7pm for meditation and healing. A wonderful relaxing session with lovely like-minded people.

NOW OPEN – Mentorship Group12 information packed sessions to help you explore, develop, deepen and expand your spiritual connections, understanding and knowledge. You will not only learn about spirituality through many topics, but I will encourage you to step outside your comfort zone when working with Spirit by strengthening your ‘Clairs’ and supporting your unique gifts. This immersive course offers all my insights, experiences and knowledge from over 12 years working professionally as a medium. Laughter, support, friendship, trust and encouragement as all words to describe this amazing journey. It really is a course to give you the courage and tools to begin working as a profession medium yourself.

(For feedback on this course, please see the comments at the end of this newsletter)

For prices, please see my website.

If you have anyone who you wish to add to my healing list, please do send me their name and I will include them in my daily practice.

Until next time, I wish you all love, healing and blessings.

I look forward to connecting with you.

Alison xxx

Testimonials from previous students:

I have had a great time on the course and have been outside of my comfort zone but have learned so much. Alison teaches in a supportive/coaching style that works really well, this really helps and the day literally flies by! I was never sure about what is called the Angelic realm for example, but the way Alison explains it is just amazing but also pragmatic.

It is an incredible privilege to learn about Spirit, Angels and Ascended Masters in this environment. The meditations are very powerful also.

Thanks Alison!


I find your teaching to be inspiring mostly because you give 100% of yourself and are totally committed to enabling us to be the best we can. I always feel very positive and happy with myself and that’s down to you always being positive and encouraging.


When I signed up for my spiritual journey with Alison I had no idea the road I have been travelling would be so exciting and amazing. Alison is a brilliant tutor and mentor and has opened up a whole new dimension to my life. I am so much more confident in my mediumship but more important than that I’ve learned how to really feel my connection with the universe and appreciate all the natural energies around me. I could not recommend this course highly enough.

Your clear, down to earth and fun filled teaching and healing readings have enabled me to be the best and happiest version of myself.

Your warm and caring spiritual counselling has helped me to understand difficult family relationships, past and present and learn to love myself. I can now trust my intuition and psychic ability to be my daily guiding star.

You pass on to your students your gift of Joie de vie and optimism , whilst presenting them with the tools to deal with the obstacle course of life.


I have always found Alison to be a calm and confident teacher who is very knowledgeable about that she is teaching. A person with a big heart and patience to help anyone progress in their learnings in a fun and productive way.


Alison is a beautiful soul who helps to guide you through your spiritual journey whether it is through crystals, Reiki, Rahanni healing or the angels. She also has a beautiful channel to the spiritual realms helping loved ones reconnect. She has a warm and wonderful aurora 💕


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