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Welcome October

Walking through the woods in the Cotswolds, I noticed how the changing landscape was shimmering golden brown. The glow resembled

Archangel Metatron’s’ golden orange light and the connection I felt to Mother Earth, filled me with warmth, understanding and abundance.

I simply love the colours of Autumn, the crisp mornings and the low sun as her energy clears my mind, body and soul, bringing a sense of fulfilment and balance.

As I strolled though the trees, seeing the hay bales and blue skies, the word ‘connection’ popped into my mind. I felt so connected at this moment.

We are children of the Earth, originated from the stars, birthed from Mother Earth to incarnate on this beautiful planet. We have chosen this earth, for the opportunity to grow, to evolve, to feel connected.

A Creation story is one of mystery and faith. Each culture has a different narrative on how the world began, but as I study them, which I love to do, I realised there are so many common threads and the word ‘connection’ can be found within them all. I believe, we have chosen to incarnate so we can feel our soul in a physical body. Our soul, being a part of higher consciousness which spans eternity, sparks into tiny fragments to experience life on a different plane. Our spirit is then homed within a chosen body, for this special journey.

Our soul has yearned this connection. To feel our feet upon the ground, to breathe the air, to use our five senses with the main aim to understand and feel love. Unconditional love, self-love, love of family, children, friends and love of freedom - free will. By evolving, we learn, develop and expand our consciousness, so connection is vital. Not all connections bring happiness, yet all connections bring understanding and truths. In our lifetime, we will be drawn to specific people to understand the bond of true love. Yet sometimes, we get hurt. This is the growth, the lesson the experience to deepen the connection to our very being. I was reminded of this recently as I watched many family members, friends and clients, have been hurt emotionally. It is never easy to watch but out of the darkness, the light always emerges and love shines through. Yes it may take time, but it occurs gradually, hence the saying, ‘It will be alright.’

October is a month to feel connected. To allow those lessons to shape your heart, remind yourselves of the positives and connect with who you are. We have seen the birth and awakening of Spring, the glory of Summer and we are now transitioning into Autumn, the month of prosperity and abundance. As we connect with the energy of October, see the beauty of our Earth glowing and breathe that energy into your soul.

The number 10 resonates with October too, coming full-cycle, trusting the path your chosen is the right one. Know that you are surrounded by angels, guides and love ones and that any difficulties you have at present will pass, bringing light and renewed love into your life.


Guide Wisdom

As I opened up I could see a very old tortoise, stepping into my energy with his beautiful message of slowing down. As I connected deeper with him, I was shown that this month we should be all be looking to take on a slower path by giving ourselves the time to connect to our being rather than giving everyone else our energy, which can leave us depleted and drained.

Take time to be out in the changing seasons, notice the colours, feel the ground beneath your feet and resonate with Mother Earth and draw from her strength. We race around so much that we miss the subtle changes and gifts of nature which are plentiful at this time of year.

Another message the tortoise shared was of being in tune with our bodies and environment. Maybe it is time to consider what we eat, eating healthier, more nourishing food and replenishing our bodies with water, vitamins and minerals.

Overall, Tortoise message is of giving to yourself and slowing down to connect. Connecting with your mind, body and spirit.

Crystal of the Month

Golden Labradorite

This gorgeous crystal will support your creativity and help you find the motivation to achieve your goals, big or small. It is a wonderful crystal for personal emotions too, bringing an energy of peace and calm. Golden Labradorite enhances your thoughts allowing you to think clearly and be more outwardly confident. Linked to the solar plexus, this crystal can support you in turning negatives into positives, bringing happiness, playfulness by uplifting your spirit.

What I am offering this month

1:1 Readings – Guidance, reassurance, love and healing - this is how I would describe my readings. During the reading I will connect you with your loved ones in the Spirit World, bringing through evidential evidence and sharing messages of love, hope, understanding and guidance.

Past Life Regression - Finding out who you have been in a Past Life is not only interesting but can help you identify repetitive emotional and behavioural patterns, it could be the reason you are attracted to certain people (positive and negative) or could be the reason you are feeling blocked in your current situation.

Past Life Regression can be an amazing revelation, helping you to understand who you are and the lessons you have learnt along the way. It can bring wisdom and the realisation to set free any Karma you no longer need to hold on to.

Monthly Demonstration of Mediumship - this will be available for only 10 people, so early booking is advised. I will connect with your loved ones in the Spirit World and bring through messages. We start with a lovely opening up visualisation and finish with some healing.

Spiritual Guidance for working mediums - If you are a working medium and have hit some blocks or stumbles along the way and are possibly questioning your gifts, then maybe a session to ‘untangle’ and get re-aligned is what you need.

Meditation Group – Open to those who are in Chipping Norton or nearby. We meet every Wednesday at 7pm for meditation and healing. A wonderful relaxing session with lovely like-minded people.

Mentorship Group12 information packed sessions to help you explore, develop, deepen and expand your spiritual connections, understanding and knowledge. You will not only learn about spirituality through many topics, but I will encourage you to step outside your comfort zone when working with Spirit by strengthening your ‘Clairs’ and supporting your unique gifts. This immersive course offers all my insights, experiences and knowledge from over 12 years working professionally as a medium. Laughter, support, friendship, trust and encouragement as all words to describe this amazing journey. It really is a course to give you the courage and tools to begin working as a profession medium yourself.

1:1 Spiritual Tutoring - Bespoke sessions to help you develop your connection with Spirit. I will link in with your energy, observe your gifts and build your development from there. This has been quite successful both on Zoom and face2face. There are no set time scales, I will work with you for as long as you wish to build confidence in connecting with spirit, guides and angels, strengthen your gifts (the 'clairs', healing etc), expand your spiritual knowledge, help you settle into a spiritual routine and much more.

Collective Healing - This wonderful group, open to everyone, meets every Thursday on Zoom at 6pm for 20 minutes to receive and send distant healing. Healing sent can be for people, animals, personal situations, global situations or the for the planet. This is a FREE session. The more people who can join in and send healing together, increases the energy and the power of the healing. Remember, you also receive healing yourself!

(For feedback on this course, please see the comments at the end of this newsletter)

For prices, please see my website.

If you have anyone who you wish to add to my healing list, please do send me their name and I will include them in my daily practice.

Until next time, I wish you all love, healing and blessings.

I look forward to connecting with you.

Alison xxx

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