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Welcome to July

Welcoming in the 7th month of the year brings rise to longer days, lighter evenings and feelings of happiness. July is considered the warmest month of the year so I’m looking forward to more sunshine so I can sit out in my flourishing garden. I am awaiting my passionflower to bloom and anticipating abundance of herbs and vegetables. I am also keen for the summer holidays, relaxing days with my family and friends.

Connecting with my garden and all things in nature, I am reminded of the importance of earthing. I often write about this, but this month I am drawn to share with you something different.

As you are aware, chakras are spinning vortexes of energy. How they spin tells us a great deal about our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. The slower they spin, the more clogged they are with fear, trauma, doubt, worry and negative feelings of self-confidence and esteem. However, as we begin to clear these, the chakras will spin quicker, opening you up to greater amounts of light and raise your vibration. Humanity is waking up spiritually and people are drawn to balance their chakras to release old karma, pain and lower energies.

Let me introduce you to your Earth Star – a chakra some 12 inches below the soles of your feet. This a beautiful and very powerful chakra, for it holds the seeds of your potential. It isn’t a physical chakra, but it is part of your etheric body and connects you directly into the core of Mother Earth and is the grounding point for your entire chakra system.

Your Earth Star balances and harmonises your energy, bringing safety, connection and security. It anchors you to the Earth so that you can become a link, spiritually, from the Earth to the Universe, your connection to Source. This chakra is vitally important for your spiritual advancement and is under the watchful eye of the mighty Archangel Sandalphon, the extremely tall and radiant silver archangel. Your Earth Star is programmed to align you with your soul’s potential, so when it is anchored and illuminated, you will hear the whispers calling your soul to its’ purpose. You may even feel the tug at your heart to move forward.

Like the Yin-Yang symbol of balance and harmony, the Earth Star begins as black and white, however as it begins to spin faster, the colours blend and glow silver.

You can’t open your Earth Star until all your chakras are open and aligned, this is the ultimate chakra of balance and peace and will enable you to understand your divine mission helping you develop and grow spiritually.


· Connect with your breath

· See yourself like a tree, your branches and leaves healthily reaching up to the sky, connecting you with the Divine

· Your trunk (spine) tall, straight and solid, supporting your whole body

· Now focus on your roots, silver roots growing deep down into Mother Earth

· The further they go, the wider they spread, anchoring you into the ground

· See a beautiful glowing silver ball of energy, plant your silver roots here and notice how safe, secure and happy you feel

· Call upon Archangel Sandalphon in his amazing silver light and ask him to hold you Earth Star, breathing his light into it.

· Feel your Earth Star beginning to spin faster, expanding

· Connect to it, breath in its wisdom, allow images and thoughts to flow through your being – observe not analyse them

· Sit for a while, feel how connected you are with the earth

· Take a deep breath in and allow your consciousness to return to your body

· Wiggle your fingers and toes, then open your eyes

Crystals of the Month – Supporting the Earth Star

Selenite: A powerful crystal for cleansing the aura, bringing peace, calm and serenity mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. It will increase the light in your aura helping you to reach higher vibrations to connect with the angelic realms.

Black Obsidian: This is another power cleanser crystal. It will draw any lower energies from your aura and will offer a protective shield against negativity. Black obsidian helps to release anger, frustration or fear and is an excellent crystal for grounding you to Mother Earth.

Guide Wisdom

As I wander through the woods, I find myself sitting on a rock beneath a canopy of lush emerald green trees. The colours surrounding me are vibrant and I can hear the rushing water of a stream nearby. An ocelot joins me. He sits up straight, wrapping his thick spotted tail around me. He observes and whispers his advice for us.

“Humanity is rushing, forever racing to find their way in the world. I know my purpose, I happily accept what I need to do, all the animals in the animal kingdom do. I know what is expected of me and instinctively watch the signs which guide me. I follow my heart and trust the process.

I have vision, I am prepared for what is coming my way and I use intuition to navigate my way through my day. Mistakes are what they are, learn from them, they are your teachers. Overall humanity needs to find ways to balance

Humanity needs to focus, to observe and watch. You are forever distracted, worried about how others see you. You feel you have an internal race to complete, but life should be enjoyed not rushed. I can sit for hours observing and waiting, humanity are impatient.

I know who I am, humanity needs to discover who they are. Look inward, the more you understand who you are, the more comfortable you will be and from this point, you can help others. Sit in silence and listen.”

I was also drawn the floxglove flower, a wonderful flower symbolising magic, intuition and confidence. These are your gifts too, accept them with love.

Until next time, I wish you all love, healing and blessings and I look forward to connecting with you.

Alison xxx

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