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Welcome to March

We have all seen the crocus’ and daffodils emerging from their Winter’s sleep, how lovely to begin to see Spring. This is one of my favourite seasons of the year (Autumn being my other one), as I feel energised, excited and hopeful for the coming year.

I have been busy with everything, the garden, the children, writing, meditating and planning for some up-coming events. I have a real spring in my step! The new energies that March has brought with it has encouraged me to re-evaluate and look at what I believe in, making sure I am still aligned to my soul’s purpose. Often, we can get pulled in different directions, having a quiet moment to go within and connect with yourself, helps to bring clarity and purpose.

My Tips


Re-reading any New Moon wishes/manifestations

Cleansing your energy/aura (smudging, sound)

Walk in nature

Crystal healing to balance your chakras

Giving yourself a 3-card spread

Ask your guides, angels, loved ones for a sign

If you do find you are stuck, explore what is holding you back, address the issues and flow forwards.

(I can help you with this too – see my website for more details)

Crystal of the Month

This month I am drawn to the crystal of compassion, morganite.

I love the wisdom of this soft pink crystal as she helps us to embody peace, love and an open heart. Morganite helps us to release emotional pain, feelings of being over-whelmed and anxiety. Her gentle energy asks you to love yourself as well as helping to draw love into your life. Holding this crystal will encourage you to discover your inner strength, see your own beauty and help you move forward in difficult situations – perfect for now I feel.

I use morganite alongside moldavite in Rahanni healing as her gentle energy helps to balance the masculine and feminine qualities, we all have. This variety of beryl is simply amazing, just like a warm comforting hug.

Guide Wisdom

My beautiful black jaguar guide joined me in my meditation this morning. She wanted me to talk about the importance of looking after yourself and seeing the beauty within. She reminded me that we are all unique and have beautiful souls which shine even brighter when we respect who we are and proudly live an authentic life.

My animal guide encourages us to understand the power within the shadows to help us release fear and move towards our desires. To see ourselves as others see us and gracefully accept the compliments given.

Why is it that many of us struggle to believe in ourselves, doubt our wisdom and criticise our minds and body? We are all guilty of it and we shouldn’t fall into this pattern of negative thinking.

Recently I was told about ‘Imposters Syndrome.’ This is where we believe that we are not as competent as other people believe we are and that we are going to found out that we are not good enough. Some might call this low-esteem or low confidence, either way, how many of us feel like this?

Jaguar’s affirmation, ‘See the beauty within and believe in your gifts.’

What I am offering

1:1 Readings – Guidance, reassurance, love and healing - this is how I would describe my readings. During the reading I will connect you with your loved ones in the Spirit World, bringing through evidential evidence and sharing messages of love, hope, understanding and guidance.

Past Life Regression - Finding out who you have been in a Past Life is not only interesting but can help you identify repetitive emotional and behavioural patterns, it could be the reason you are attracted to certain people (positive and negative) or could be the reason you are feeling blocked in your current situation.

Past Life Regression can be an amazing revelation, helping you to understand who you are and the lessons you have learnt along the way. It can bring wisdom and the realisation to set free any Karma you no longer need to hold on to.

Monthly Demonstration of Mediumship - this will be available for only 10 people, so early booking is advised. I will connect with your loved ones in the Spirit World and bring through messages. We start with a lovely opening up visualisation and finish with some healing.

Spiritual Guidance for working mediums - If you are a working medium and have hit some blocks or stumbles along the way and are possibly questioning your gifts, then maybe a session to ‘untangle’ and get re-aligned is what you need.

Spiritual Insights – Open Hearts & Wisdom (NEW & FREE – Live Zoom Session) 3rd Thursday of every month. Join me with an opening mediation followed by a spiritual discussion, guided by you or my guides, then ending with some Q&A’s. First one is on Thursday 18th March @7pm

Meditation Group – Can’t wait to get this started again once we are allowed to meet back in person. I have thought about doing on-line, but the response I’ve had from people is that it is a special time for themselves and the sacred space can’t always be guaranteed in the home environment. Let’s hope it’s not too long.

For prices, please see my website.

If you have anyone who you wish to add to my distant healing list, please do send me their name and I will include them in my daily practice.

Until next time, I wish you all love, healing and blessings.

I look forward to connecting with you.

Alison xx

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