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Collective Healing

90 minutes



As a healer, I am used to working alone with my healing guides, angelic helpers, crystals and sound tools. However I too believe in the amazing benefits of ‘Collective Healing,’ healing together, which boosts the energy making it stronger and more powerful.

The Lemurian’s and Atlantean’s used to believe in the power of collective healing, going to healing temples and accessing healing pools and crystal beds. Healing was very much ‘collective’ in those ancient times and like the power of a prayer, sending distant healing together really works.

All healing should be given or sent from a pure heart, with good intention and for the highest good. Although miracles can’t be guaranteed, healing can the most beautiful and transformative results.

For over a year and a half, I have built a weekly gathering of wonderful souls with pure hearts to join me in sending healing to many people in need of physical, emotional, mental or spiritual healing.

Together we call in our own healing angels, then I guide you through a visualisation to calm and rebalance your energy and receive some personal healing before

channelling this calming, harmonious, loving healing energy collectively, sending it to our loved ones and to those on our healing list under the Law of Grace, for their Highest and Greatest good, spreading the gift of healing to all those who need it.

This is a beautiful weekly practice which has helped so many people. Included ourselves.

You too can benefit from this healing energy by listening to the visualisations. If you wish to join us in sending healing, it is free and you simply need to contact me.

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