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Bespoke Calmer Kids Programme

£30.00 per session

1 hour


Calmer Kids is a unique, tailored programme designed to help children understand and manage their emotions. 

Emotions and behaviour are affected by internal thoughts and external situations which our brain interprets and tries to make sense of. Helping children to identify where their stress and anxiety stems from can have a huge impact on how they manage their feelings and deal with their rising emotions. Our emotions are our defence mechanism to protect and support us in troubling times, however, despite being a natural response, we are able to control them so we are not in a constant state of angst or sadness.

Through a careful blend of mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy techniques, healing and meditation, I will support your child in understanding their emotions, help them identify their 'Zones of Regulations' and build resilience to scaffold difficult situations. 

My bespoke Calmer Kids programme will support children’s ability to manage their emotions and educate them in how their brain and automatic responses work. As I guide them through their feelings, connecting with their senses and through sensory exercises, I will teach them strategies to manage their behaviour, teaching then to understand how to change their thought patterns through positive thinking, problem-solving situations and outcomes and encouraging them to listen to their inner voice. 

Each session we will explore their emotions and through a range a stimuli, including crystals, colour therapy, essential oils and sound, they will be able to. This is combined with CBT techniques and expertise drawn from my 20 years of primary and special needs teaching in schools.

Behaviour isn’t just acting out, it is turning inwards, crying, sleep difficulties, changing eating habits and OCD behaviours. These are just a few ways in which emotions can affect a person. 

Benefits of Calmer Kids

  • Calmer and more relaxed

  • Increased confidence

  • Identify triggers to their emotions and manage them

  • Positive mindset

  • Happier 

  • Empathy for themselves and others

  • Better problem-solving

  • Greater communication 

  • More resilient 

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