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Family Sessions

£45.00 per session

1 hour


Family life can be busy, stressful and overwhelming at times. With work, homework, clubs and social commitments, there is sometimes little time left for bonding together and communicating with each other. Sibling rivalry, arguments and changes in the family dynamics can also disrupt the quality of family life. 

Spending time together can be one of the greatest gifts you can achieve as a family as strong family bonds can make everyone feel loved, understood, secure whilst giving them a sense of belonging. 

These ‘Calmer Kids – Family Sessions’ can be stand-alone or booked as a bundle. During the session we will explore emotions through the senses, tap into individual feelings, experience a relaxation technique, be guided through a calming and relaxing meditation, be given a short yoga flow and ending with a healing experience.  


Spend quality time together, develop empathy, learn relaxation techniques, strengthen communication, sense of belonging, healing and feel connected and understood.

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